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Glow All Day With Our Brightening CC Collection

Brightening CC Serum

Brightening CC Serum

Enriched with radiant rose stem cells Brightening CC Serum boosts radiance and adds protection to the skin.

Brightening CC Blush

Brightening CC Blush

Get a fresh, healthy, radiant complexion on the go with this hydrating liquid blush that will boost dull, lacklustre skin.

Brightening CC Powder

Brightening CC Powder

Pure Luminosity captured in a palette. Instantly colour-corrects, evens out and gives warmth to the complexion.

Brightening CC Liquid Blush

Long‑lasting Hydrating Radiance‑Boosting Blush

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Brightening CC Palette Sunny Flash

Illuminating Color Correcting Powder

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